Why adding a CX measure in Marketing and Sales’ goals will pay you back

The first face to face meeting, a website view, the calls with the support team, the purchases in your e-commerce, your last advertising campaign.

All these points of contacts have an impact on Customer Experience cause they set expectations and communicate your brand’s values.

Despite this, Marketing or Sales team rarely have a CX goal in their daily to-do list.

Salesmen, generally, are focused just on the number of deals closed per month. Marketers are focused on minimizing the cost per lead. And maybe this is enough for them, but are you sure that is enough for the company?

I mean: what about the quality of the deal closed and the deal generated?

Growing fast and increasing sales is (of course) good. But do that in a healthier and more sustainable way, is gold.

Adding a CX goal means that you’re forcing and educating sales and marketers to have a long term approach.

What do I mean for CX goal?

  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Churn Rate
  • … anything else? Suggest your point commenting the post! ??

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