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Marketing automation is awesome, but…

Thanks to marketing automation I can deliver a lot of valuable content always in context, and I can anticipate clients’ needs.

Let me make some examples.

  • A customer gave a good scoring on the last NPS survey? I can send to him/her via email an invitation to our Advocacy Program
  • Is someone clicking a lot on blog posts related to a certain topic? I can send him/her an eBook that looks deeply into the same subject
  • How can I easily recognize happy and unhappy customers? Using a score (for example, the Health Score) I can cluster my customers and increase their happiness in a more effective way.

This is just a small part of all I can do using marketing automation for Customer Experience.

In addition, using an automation platform, I can do the job of 3 CX specialists, alone.

But automating is not always flowers and roses. The risk of making tremendous mistakes is just behind the corner. Two of them, in my opinion, are particularly serious:

  • sounding like an idiot;
  • being creepy.

Sounding like an idiot

Unfortunately, if you don’t collect accurate data (how much they use your Saas, what feature they love most, etc. etc.) is hard to deliver with a perfect timing the right content.

As a consequence, the risk of sounding totally out of context is high.

Imagine to send via email an exceptional upsell/cross-sell offer reserved for every client who live in Rome, and then you spot that you sent the same communication also to a bunch of people that lives in Venice because of bad data. Not a great customer experience, huh?

Being creepy

The other side of collecting a huge amount of data is that you constantly run the risk of making clients feel spied.


Even if you’re tracking your customers’ action in order to deliver a great CX, please use a bit of tact and be transparent in your privacy policy.


  • Invest in collecting precise data from your clients, especially the ones related to your product/website usage.
  • Using your customers’ info wisely you can learn what your clients love and hate. This means that you’re building the pillar of awesome customer experience.

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