Blogging in English for a non-native speaker: the hardest choice

As a non-native English speaker and blogging lover, I’ve always felt the unbearable pressure (and dreamed) of writing and publishing posts in English.

After studying for years, I’ve reached a point where passive activities like reading books or blog posts, watching TV shows and listening podcasts is not enough to move forward.

In addition, as I wrote, I love blogging and sharing ideas on the web.

Writing my stuff in English allows me to amplify to full power my audience, but above all, the fun.

So, after gathering all the courage needed, I’ve made the decision: let’s break the chain and start this new adventure!

In this blog that I’ve just created, I’ll try to share what I’m learning about customer experience in a language that, I really hope, it’s something really close to a tolerable English. 🙂

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