Don’t say “Customer Centric” just because it’s cool

I want to tell you a story about a top manager that declare his company as “customer-centric” but right then and there he’s thinking:

  • “How can I improve customer support to make more profit?”
  • “How can I improve the quality of the sales pitch to make more profit?
  • “How can I pay less my employees to make more profit?”
  • “How can I decrease response time to impact positively the NPS in order to increase the results of the referral program?”

Let me clarify: being profitable is crucial, I’m aware of that. I’m just saying that few companies know the meaning of being customer-centric and how to generate profit just making their customers happier every day.

What does customer-centric mean?

Brian Solis defined the customer centricity as the culture of putting the customer at the centre of everything.

In my opinions, it’s worth analyzing granularly this definition to extract some practical advice.

It’s a Revolution

The use of the word “culture” means that if a CEO wants to enjoy the customer-centric club, she/he will need to involve the whole organization: from top managers to interns.

If a company implements such a radical change the 4 questions written above will change in what follows:

  • “How can we improve support processes to make my customers happier”?
  • “How can we improve our sales pitch to educate effectively my prospects?”
  • “The happiness of my employees is strongly related to customer happiness: in light of this, how much should I pay my employees to keep them motivated?”
  • “How can I cut the response time to make them happier?”

Huge difference, don’t you think?

“Putting the customers at the centre of everything”

It means practically:

  • understand better what their customers love and hate
  • launch surveys to measure customers loyalty and happiness (NPS, CSAT, CES)
  • collect and use this feedback to make actions (to improve the product and to shape a better customer experience)

It’s your turn → do you want to add something about customer centricity? Leave me a comment and let’s start the conversation!

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