the truth on customer centric

Customer-centricity VS Retention: the truth must be told.

This morning, during my commuting to work, I was absorbed by this Samuel Hulick’s tweet, around the concept of customer centricity and his benefits.

I’ve answered him sharing a study that shows how investing in a customer-centric approach affects positively revenue, retention, profit and other key factors.

After that, several hours later, another person, Mike Acler, joined the discussion with a tweet that got me thinking:

“Damn, he’s right”, I’ve thought. Since I’ve worked only in highly competitive markets, I haven’t considered that low competitiveness can protect a company with a bad CX.

In this case, investing in customer centricity can be a choice. You can decide to spend resources on something else and “who cares about customers”!

But, honestly, I don’t feel comfortable with that mindset. Even if you are in a market with low competition, you can’t forget about who pays your paycheck. It’s simply not fair.

Furthermore, markets change continuously and competitive advantages don’t last forever. So before you increase the brand’s loyalty, the better. Even in a low competitive environment.

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